8.3.08 – gbcvic sermons

Our Sunday sermon summaries. I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.

Opposition to ALL Ungodliness (Rm 1.32)

Our concluding message to Romans 1 sums the argument so far concerning the ungodliness of mankind with two final thoughts: First, man’s rebellion is not only against the knowledge of God from general revelation and the knowledge of right and wrong from the nature of things, but man’s rebellion is also against the innate knowledge of the righteous decree of God that sin is worthy of death. Second, man’s rebellion includes the attitude that applauds the sins of others, whether they are participated in or not.

The Reality of Demons

In which we discuss the implicit assumption of the reality of demons in the Scriptures. We also note the Scriptural focus is not on demonology, rather the truth of what we know on this doctrine is incidental to the message of Scripture. We should maintain the same perspective on demons that the Bible does.

Just as the Lord Commanded (2) (Lev 8.1f)

In our last communion service, we looked at the parallels in the ordination of Aaron with the ministry of our high priest, Jesus Christ. But there is more to this chapter than Aaron, there is the ministry of Moses. Moses is a parallel or precursor to our Lord as well, in his role as The Prophet who prefigures Christ. The first Prophet really opened the door for the nation of Israel to have access to God, the second Prophet opened the door for all men to have redemption from sin and eternal life with God.