8.10.08 – gbcvic sermons

Paul Gets Personal (Rm 2.1)

We move into the second chapter of Romans, a chapter where Paul will ‘kick it up a notch’. Moving from ‘they’ to ‘you’, Paul first of all brings the full weight of Holy Spirit conviction against the pride of the Amen corner, those who listen to Paul’s indictment of mankind in Rm 1 with approval. Do you judge those sinners worthy of God’s condemnation? You have just approved God’s condemnation of yourself since you do the same things.

The Reality of Demons (2)

In which we consider further the Bible’s teaching concerning the origin of the demonic host and the confinement of some demons.

Son of David, Have Mercy (Lk 18.35-43)

In our series looking at prayers to Jesus, prayers of Jesus, or mentions of prayer connected with Jesus, we come now to the prayer of the blind Bartimaeus, calling on the Son of David for mercy. The Lord says that his faith saved him. We connect this with C. H. Spurgeon’s testimony of salvation from his autobiography – a conversion that came when a blind soul finally saw Christ for who he is.


Attendance was up a bit today. Last week a family visited for the first time and returned today. It is always a blessing to see new folks, but it does take time for them to fully assimilate into the congregation. In addition we had a second visit (after some months) from a single man. He spoke to me after the service and says he is going to try to make it every week. He is a new believer and growing in the faith. Praise the Lord!