would you have the character to do this?

Church Rejects Donation from Lottery Winner

A church in Florida rejects the ‘tithe’ of a member who won 6 million in a lottery.

In a preacher’s meeting, someone once asked Dr Bob III what to do if someone put a lottery ticket in the offering plate. Before he could reply, I blurted out, “Check the numbers.” Of course it got a big laugh. Me and my big mouth.

But, really, do we have the character of our convictions? Or do we just give lip-service to preaching against the sins of this age?

It reminds me of the joke about the two country fellows who were out walking when one of them says, “Homer, if you had a million dollars would you give me half?”

Homer says, “Sure, Zeke, we is best friends. If I had a million dollars I would give you half.”

Zeke thinks a while and says, “Homer, if you had a hundred thousand dollars, would you give me half?”

And of course Homer agrees. Zeke keeps lowering the number until he comes to this: “Homer, if you had two hogs, would you give me one of them?”

And Homer says, “Now, Zeke, you know I got two hogs.”

Are our convictions real, or are they as strong as Homer’s?

(BTW, I checked the website of the church in question. They would seem to be a good bit apart from me philosophically, but on this issue, I think they are taking the right stand.)