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on contending

I was speaking to my son this afternoon about the difficulty of contending for the faith. Clearly, we are called to contend. We are told that conflict is inevitable in the ministry. We are told that wolves will plague the flock from without and perverse men will arise from within. We are told to guard the flock of God.

If a man will not contend, or despises conflict in the ministry, he ought to get out and get a ‘real’ job. If you are called to the ministry, you are called to contend.

But contention is fraught with danger. On the one hand, the man who contends may find himself labelled as contentious and a crank. (He may be contentious and a crank.)

On the other hand is the ever present dangers plaguing the church from within and without. And there is the command of God.

May God grant us the wisdom to know when, where, and how to contend.