8.17.98 gbcvic sermons

Here are the links for the latest sermons in our ministry at Grace Baptist Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC.

The Moral Man’s Treasure (Rm 2.2-5)

Paul continues to dismantle the justifications of the moral man by noting his agreement that God’s judgement is according to righteousness, but then asking, if that is so, how the moral man presumes to escape God’s judgement. Or, if that is not enough, does the moral man despise God’s goodness and forbearance, presuming it means he has already escaped judgement? God’s goodness and forbearance is intended to lead man to repentance – any rejection of God’s blessing only serves to further build up the moral man’s treasure … the wrath of God to be revealed in the day of wrath, the day of the revelation of God’s righteous judgement.

The call of this message is to those who think of themselves as ‘good guys’. The call is a call to repentance and faith in the only One who will enable escape from the wrath of God.

The Nature of Demons

In which we consider the personality, intelligence [and strategems], morality, and powers of Satan’s demons. Our study of these creatures is as a matter of considering the whole counsel of scriptures. We want to understand the Bible, not be obsessed with demonology.

Father, save me from this hour (Jn 12.27-28)

Our Lord’s prayer on this occasion is an example for us of following the Father’s will. The prayer of our title is not the prayer the Lord prayed. Rather, he prayed that the Father would glorify His name. There was much for the Lord to feel apprehensive about the Father’s will, but his resolution to follow it is the driving force of his whole ministry. If we would be his disciples, it must become the driving force of our lives and ministries as well.


Praise the Lord for another good day in his house. A few regulars missing. One of my sons was over preaching for my friend Darren Hammermeister today. Two of our new families continue to attend, which is a great encouragement. We trust the Lord will continue to build his church.