Franklin Graham unhappy with movie about father

An article discusses an upcoming movie about Billy Graham. It has this interesting paragraph concerning Franklin Graham’s biggest objection to the movie:

A scene Franklin Graham found more “troublesome,” DeMoss said, was one he categorized as embellished. In it, Bob Jones Sr., then-president of fundamentalist Bob Jones College, tells young Billy Graham, a student who has questioned some of the school’s strict views, that he will never amount to anything. In the scene, darkness partly obscures the ranting Jones.

DeMoss said Franklin Graham felt that the scene “completely misrepresented Bob Jones” and has written a letter to Bob Jones III, now president of Bob Jones University, assuring him that “we didn’t collaborate on the film.”


UPDATE: Christianity Today weighs in with their own article.


  1. No, I don’t know Franklin’s motives for disagreeing with the film – however, in light of his ecumenicism, I can see why he would not like the portrayal of Bob Jones (I don’t either, but for different reasons). You can’t be ecumenical and knock those you want to unite with…