so its Biden

My favorite Dem!

Obama’s VP pick makes it very interesting for our family. A few years ago we were in Washington, DC. We had arrived too late in the day to get a ticket for a Senate gallery visit, so we were just touristing around outside the capital, taking pictures, etc. My wife spotted Biden about thirty yards away and waited for him to turn towards us to snap a picture. He grinned and came over to talk to us, which of course thrilled us all. Here was a guy we had seen on TV just chatting us up!

When Biden learned we hadn’t had a chance to visit the Senate gallery, he said, “Well, I’m late for my appointment anyway, I’ll just take you up.” So he did. We entered the Capitol building through a door marked “Senators Only”. He  took us up to a section of the Senate gallery reserved for Senator’s family and guests.

On the way up, met then senator Don Nichols (Rep-OK) in the elevator. Biden told him that we were “one of yours” but that he was taking us up to the gallery anyway. He came into the gallery with us and spent about half an hour pointing out the various Senators then on the floor, pointed out his desk, and told us some of his stories from his election to the Senate (a few weeks before he was old enough) and of his career in the Senate. He told us his desk was the one formerly used by one of the Kennedys – I am thinking it was Bobby’s, can’t remember for sure. All the Senators carve their names into their desks (late at night, when no one is looking, supposedly).

While we were there, Orrin Hatch came in with other guests, sitting just a couple of rows behind us. Biden made a brief introduction there also, then had to run. We got him to sign our Senate brochure, and he was off.

Our impression? A thoroughly charming man. One has to be to succeed in politics for any length of time, I think, although I think Biden is exceptionally personable.

But I pray that Biden is unsuccessful in his bid to be US Vice President. There are so few policies we agree on, I can’t offer him any support. And Obama! I don’t think I agree with Obama on anything. One of the things Biden said to my kids (who are US citizens) was, “Kids, if you share your dad’s politics, stay in Canada!”

Well, we like him. But we hope he doesn’t get elected.