8.31.08 gbcvic sermons

A bit of a challenging Sunday for us this week… Our attendance was down, several out sick, some out… who knows why? And a miserably difficult day of preparation the day before as the sermon just wouldn’t come together in my mind. I think the final effort succeeded in getting across the message I wanted, but the energy level was lower than I wanted it to be.

Nevertheless, the word of God is rich and powerful and lifts our spirits if we are devoted to it. I hope these might offer a blessing to you in some way.

Judged by Deeds (Rm 2.6-10)

Our second message from this passage focuses not on man’s destiny, but the issues man faces at the judgement bar of God: his deeds. Any man who assesses himself honestly will admit that he cannot meet God’s standard, no matter how hard he tries. The message of grace, as we learn elsewhere, is that One Man met the standard and willingly exchanged places with us so that in him we could pass muster in God’s judgement and share in His eternal life.

Pilgrim’s Progress: Introduction

We begin something new for our Bible Study hour, a study of Pilgrim’s Progress. In today’s lesson, we cover some reasons for making Pilgrim’s Progress a matter of study at all and the historical and biographical background to its writing. Interestingly, we begin the study on the anniversary of John Bunyan’s death, Aug 31, 1688, exactly 320 years ago. (If you listen to the audio, you will hear me give a different date… don’t know where that came from, I have it wrong in my notes.)

Our Father (Mt 6.9)

Our afternoon service offers a brief message from the first verse of the Lord’s prayer, a reprise of a couple of messages preached nine years ago. Our prayers are based in our relationship with Our Father and should have as their object the hallowing of Our Father’s Name.



  1. Bro Don, you might appreciate this book: A Dreamer And His Wonderful Dream

  2. Thanks Jerry, looks interesting. I have a book on preaching in my library by Gibbs. It is a practical resource, so I hope this is also.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3