is the bloom off the rose?

In the fundamentalist blogging world, enthusiasm for the medium appears to be flagging. I follow over a dozen fundamentalist blogs. Most of them are being very sporadically updated these days.

We’ll give our friend Greg, an excuse, but he’s the only one we’ll let off the hook. Chris A. also posts regularly, as do the fellows at TheoSource and Brian at Exegesis and Theology. And the intrepid Scott Aniol. But where is Jon & Champ, Frank, even PaleoBen, with whom I am wont to tangle? Even the vaunted SI, the 800 lb gorilla of the fundamentalist blogosphere seems to be falling off in the volume of its discussion. When most [hyperbole!!] of the current conversations are in-house between the admins and moderators, it does seem that the former furious interest has waned.

One can think of several reasons why this might be so.

  1. It’s summertime! (Or maybe better, it was summertime.)
  2. The Internet is changing, and I am behind the curve as usual. [Facebook, anyone? Or is that also passing away???]
  3. Other bloggers may have a real life. It has crossed my mind that blogging could be considered a non-productive activity. By some, that is!

Well, I’ll continue to post theological and philosophical editorials at this space, but if any of you out there are opinion-junkies like me and know where all the fundamentalist rabble has gone, please let me know!


UPDATE: I wonder if this post, focused on an entirely different category of blogging, might shed some light on this. The times, they are a-changin’.


  1. jon says:

    Jon & Champ are very busy working in the real world! Champ is holding down a job and a half right now and I am working on two degrees, pastoring, husbanding, dadding, and all that stuff. Our blog is flagging, but not because we don’t want to give it attention…life has o’ertaken us!

  2. Hi Jon,

    So you could give up sleeping, eh???

    I figured as much, but still, does it seem that blogging in general is flagging somewhat? At least among the ‘enthusiasts’ that fit loosely into the fundie-related circle?

    And, two degrees?? Man, when are you going to decide enough is enough. I thought about doing another one at one point, but then I decided I should use the one I have more. That’s just me, though.

    Thanks for stopping by. Good to hear from you.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3