10.5.08 – gbcvic sermons

A New Perspective or an Old Lie? (Rm 2.13)

In our message today, we look again at Rm 2.13, a passage that is much misinterpreted by the false teachers of the “New Perspective on Paul”. In this message, we briefly summarize these false teachings and point out the subtlety that unstable Christians may miss in the teachings of these or any false teacher. One goal of local church ministry is to stablish the saints so that they might be better equipped to notice when teaching goes subtly awry.

Two Dark Valleys

This week we had a brief review of a couple of points from last week’s lesson and began to look at Christian’s progress through two valleys. The first involves his encounter with Apollyon, where Christian wins the day by virtue of his humility and use of the Word of God. The second is the Valley of the Shadow of Death where Christian must navigate between the ditch of false doctrine and the quag of cloying and defeating temptations.

Strange Fire is Not Good (Lev 10) [Communion]

Our Communion service brings us back to Leviticus where we consider the death of Nadab and Abihu, Aaron’s eldest sons, on the first day of Aaron’s priesthood. The shocking death of these two priests, for what appears to be a minor deviation, illustrates God’s exacting standard for worship. This standard is not reduced in the New Testament, but heightened – no longer external and ritualistic, the standard is now internal and spiritual, a standard that requires more than we can possibly perform and calls, in the end, for the grace of Our Lord to save us.


It was good to be back in the pulpit again this Sunday. We enjoyed a good day worshipping the Lord, one visiting couple from Montreal, our first visitors ever from that city, I think.