update to article 3

I just want to highlight an update to the third article in my current series. I added a link to the article not indifferent, but not allies in this paragraph:

The next clip, [36:38] New Evangelicalism is Evangelicalism is Indifferentism, describes this equation: Old New Evangelicalism = Mainstream Evangelicals = Indifferentists. The mainstream Evangelical institutions are unable to break their ties with some who are apostates. Bauder cites the Evangelical Theological Society, for example, who are unable to oust the Open Theists, essentially because of Indifferentism. (It is interesting to hear him cite this example when Fundamentalists continue to hold memberships and publish papers in the ETS. But that is another post!) In this clip, Bauder is asserting that Indifferentism has become the Evangelical mainstream.

It is worth thinking about, this connection of Fundamentalists with the ETS. Is this kind of activity a step forward for Fundamentalism? I don’t think it affects the average pastor, who may be barely aware of the ETS and what goes on there.

But how does this affect the next generation of Fundamentalist (hopefully) pastors in training under the leadership of these professors? Surely they are aware that their professor is away at ETS. Surely they are aware that he is publishing a paper.

What are they to think?

What are they to think especially when their seminary president identifies the ETS as an Indifferentist (New Evangelical) institution?

Are we supposed to now be Indifferent to Indifferentists?