a new blog worth reading

I just came across a blog that I think will be well worth reading. It is written by none other than Jay Adams, the man who invented nouthetic counselling (or re-discovered it, maybe). He was my sister’s pastor for a number of years. I met him once. I disagree with him on some things … he’s a Presbyterian, I’m a Baptist, so…

But I have to say I have immensely profited from his writing and teaching, even if I disagree with him! He is a thinking man who loves the Bible and the Lord.

Here is a little bit of a recent blog on Elijah:

Elijah was too hard a worker to become depressed, and those who attempt to excuse their depression on the basis that even a mighty man of God like him got depressed, are missing the point. It wasn’t depression, but disappointment that you see haunting this man. Things didn’t go as he had expected—as he had planned—and he didn’t like it. That’s the problem with many of us as well. When God doesn’t do things our way, we quit, give up, or try to go our own way.

That’s good. Bracing, but good.

Anyway, add Dr. Adams to your blog reader. You won’t be disappointed.  (And you will probably disagree with him from time to time.)


PS: This is post # 500! Will he ever shut up?


  1. I have heard of this man before, but have not read his material. Would you recommend his counselling books?

  2. Hi Jerry,

    yes, I would recommend almost everything Adams writes. As noted, there are things you will disagree with as a Baptist. You may also disagree with Calvinism and Adams eschatology. (You should disagree with his eschatology!)

    But the bulk of his writing has to do with counseling and the Christian life. He is one of the best in these areas.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3