how well did you use your extra second?

From CTV:

And as it turns out, the global economy wasn’t the only thing to slow down in 2008, so too did the Earth’s rotation.

Perhaps you’ve heard already, but 2008 is the longest year in more than a decade. We had a leap day in February and a leap second last night. Did you notice?

More to the point… did you use your extra time well?

We only have so much time in this life. We are accountable for all of it.

Matthew 12:36 "But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment.

Some people think that 2008 was an exceedingly long year. We had elections in Canada and the United States; we had financial market turmoil; we had the constant barrage of negativity only the modern media can provide. Many were no doubt glad to turn their backs on 2008.

But of far more import than these external concerns, were you glad to turn your back on 2008 because it contained not just one extra second for which you are accountable, but many seconds (527,041 to be exact), all of them subject to divine scrutiny. Were there failures in 2008? Undoubtedly there were. Were there too many? [How many are permissible?]

Thank God for his mercy. Though we inevitably will fail to honour our Lord with every second, we may know his mercy (not getting what we do deserve) every day.

May God help us, this year, 2009 according to our calendars, to live profitably, holily, acceptably to our Lord. May every second count, by his grace (getting what we don’t deserve), for His glory.