digging out – sermon summaries

We are behind the times in giving you our sermon summaries. This Christmas, we have been totally discombobulated by our weather. We still have close to a foot of snow lying around in our yard, though the roads are now clear… with spots of black ice in the mornings. We just don’t get weather like this here… usually.

I am also trying to install a new sermon publication plugin for our church site. It looks quite exciting, but we have something set wrong so it isn’t working yet. I spent a lot of time last week trying to get it working and didn’t publish last week’s summaries here as a result.

You can find the last two weeks of messages at these links:



We are continuing our Christmas series in the AM messages, inspired by the Moravian star. The 12/28 message has to do with Balaam’s prophecy of the star in Jacob. Today we look at the wise men, very likely knowledgeable of Balaam, his prophecy, and some of the other OT prophecies. Their lives were changed by seeking Christ.

The Moravian mission story was a prequel, leading up to our showing of First Fruits, a docu-drama of the first Moravian mission and the beginning of Protestant missions. It is a remarkable story. Today, we return to our study of Pilgrim’s Progress.

The afternoons were messages from my sons, first on the theme of finding complete satisfaction in Christ by Number One Son, Dunky-boy, and then this week on three truths revealed concerning forgiveness in Mt 18 by Number Two Son, Rory-O.