1.11.09 gbcvic sermons

NewsFlash!!! Christmas is over

And over it is, now, in our church. We complete our Christmas series a couple of Sunday’s late. It is fitting in a way as it is our last day with our boys as they head back to school tomorrow. We will enter another season of mourning without our lads in our household.

Nevertheless, we had a good day in the Lord’s house today and a great four weeks with the boys home.

I Am the Bright and Morning Star (Rev 22.16)

Our Christmas season is over as we look to the promise of the one who authenticates the Scriptures as true and reveals himself to be the bright hope of Scripture promise as the light of the bright and morning star.

Pilgrim’s Progress: Mercy goes with Christiana

The next look at the Pilgrim’s Progress finds Mercy and Christiana admitted into the way of salvation at the Wicket Gate. They learn a valuable lesson on prayer as they set out on their journey from that place.

Endurance in Trials (Jas 1.1-8, 12) · Rory Johnson

My son Rory, on his last day home for Christmas vacation gives us a good message from James on enduring trials and enduring faith. He closed with a clear call to the lost to join in the walk of faith that wholly depends on Christ alone for salvation.