a well deserved rebuke

Lighthouse Trails alerts us to a Memorandum to Christian Leaders concerning Mark Driscoll. The memo is written by Cathy Mickels, co-author of Spiritual Junk Food: the Dumbing Down of Christian Youth, (also available from the authors here). Cathy Mickels is calling the men of the so-called Gospel Coalition to account for their refusal to repudiate Driscoll’s repulsive ministry. Another evangelical woman, Ingrid Schlueter joins the fray at Slice of Laodicea.

You should read the memo, especially if you are among those alleged fundamentalists who promote Driscoll’s materials. It is time for the heroes of the FINOs to do something heroic, like kick this blasphemer out of their fellowship.



  1. Don,

    Dr. Jim Binney told a story about his grandfather a while ago during family camp at the Wilds. When he was a boy, Dr. Binney had asked his grandfather for a quarter to go to the 5 & 10 cent store. His grandfather told him that there was a brand new shiny quarter at the bottom of his “filled” spittoon jar. If little “Jimmy” wanted to reach in there and pull it out he could have it. Dr. Binney said that the thought of reaching into that disgusting brew was not worth the effort to get a quarter.

    After reading (unfortunately) the memo sent out by Cathy Mickels about this blasphemer Driscol, it reminded me of that story told by Dr. Binney.

    Brethren, lets not reach into the filth that this man spews in hopes of possibly finding something worthwhile. This man and his “ministry” would be a good place to actually practice Biblical separation and not just talk about it!