2.8.09 gbcvic sermons

Here are the latest messages from Grace Baptist Church of Victoria:

The Charge – All Under Sin (Rm 3.9)

As we come out of Paul’s argument with an imagined opponent (Rm 3.1-8), we are moving into the section where Paul proves his assertions by using God’s Word, the only authority for faith and practice. Just before laying out his proof, Paul states his proposition one more time, with this addition: all men are under sin. The emphasis of this notion is human bondage to sin, something that cannot be escaped, even by moral effort. I use a powerful testimony to close the message, showing how even good works can keep you in bondage. The only thing that can free you from your bondage is Christ.

Pilgrim’s Progress (2): Trials in the Valley of Humiliation

In this section, the Christian family travels through the Valley of Humiliation, the place where Christian fought Apollyon. They find this to be very fruitful ground for Christians. Then they enter the Valley of the Shadow of Death, a place of much temptation and trial for believers. They learn here the value of prayer and of resisting the devil. Finally, meeting up with an elderly pilgrim, Mr. Honest, they learn the value of fearing God and shunning evil as they hear the stories of Mr. Fearing and Mr. Self-will.

The Violent Christian in the World (Gal 6.14)

In this message we reprise the teaching concerning the vigour which a Christian needs to live a Spirit filled life – he must crucify the flesh. But even beyond that we find that Paul teaches the world has been crucified to him and he to the world. As we work our way through the passage, we see that the particular aspect of the world in view in this verse is worldly approval and esteem. The Christian, in order to have God’s peace and God’s approval, must live with the approval of the world a dead issue to him. He must glory only in the cross of Christ and let the world think what it will.


Another great day in the Lord’s house. A few of our folks were out sick, but we had a day of great feasting around the word.