3.8.09 gbcvic sermons

As a Man Thinks (Rm 3.18)
depraved in every thought & impulse

Our message this morning focused on the simple text, “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” This text is Paul’s final proof of man’s depravity, summing up all the rest. We can demonstrate this reality quite simply by taking examples from Scripture of people who had direct contact with God himself, yet acted fearlessly against God’s will. It is incredible that people with such experiences could do so, but their experience demonstrates the depth of depravity all men share. May God keep us a fearing people, ready to serve Him alone, not exalting our mind over his.

The Pilgrim’s Progress Page

We concluded our study of Pilgrim’s Progress with a testimony session where our people spoke about the themes, people, and places in Pilgrim’s Progress that meant the most to them. It was an encouraging time, but we had a recording malfunction and only got a bit of the session recorded. As a result we decided not to keep it.

Instead, we offer this post as a summary and link resource for all our Pilgrim’s Progress sessions.

Our Church, Your Ministry
(Heb 10.24-25; Eph 4.11-13, 16; 1 Cor 16.2; Jn 13.34-35)

Our message this afternoon focused on ‘every-member ministry’, but in the context of the covenant love that should characterize the local body of believers. This something we really try to emphasize in our church, with the goal of building a spiritual body among people of different ages, social/economic/ethnic backgrounds. We try to foster love for one another in our church, and we are sometimes successful!