precious in the sight of the Lord

I mentioned briefly last week something that we have been busy with these last days, the care and visitation of a dear pastor’s wife in our local hospital. Just a few hours ago, at about 10:20 pm, Pacific Time, our friend and fellow-servant went to be with the Lord.

Lois Herring served with her husband Dennis in many fields over the years. First serving in Ethiopia, the Herrings also served the Lord in Kenya, the Congo, the province of Quebec, and finally these last years in British Columbia.

Words that describe Lois to me are these: quiet, strong, modest, diligent, sacrificial, and most of all faithful. I commented to my wife in one of our trips to take care of needs these last few days that such people are the backbone of the church, perhaps the most important part of the church, and those who get the least recognition on earth.

In this last illness, Lois had some sense that she was in trouble earlier this fall, but the full extent of her illness wouldn’t come to light until this most recent struggle. And in the end, pneumonia set into both lungs so that her weakened body was just unable to overcome.

Pray for brother Dennis as you think of him. There will be many details that he will have to go through now, regardless of his loss, because it will have to be done. There is a small little church, barely begun to be planted, in Nanaimo, BC. There is the matter of a deep personal loss. So please do pray for him.

We sorrow not as those who have no hope, but we do sorrow.