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It’s been a long (but blessed) day. See previous post. I am still up late after an early morning. I am attempting to make a DVD of the funeral for family members to take home to loved ones who were too ill to attend.

While I wait for the process to conclude, I thought I’d make an attempt to answer questions that came from this post regarding this event held at our church.

The event we held was a Creation Seminar led by Dr. Emil Silvestru, a geologist with Creation Ministries International (formerly Answers in Genesis). The question, as I understand it, is essentially this: How does your sponsorship of this event square with your previously stated views on separation?

I think the question is a fair question, as I stated in my initial brief reply:

In deciding on this particular event, I had some misgivings and am still not certain we made the right decision.

Now for a more detailed answer.

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3.12.09 gbcvic special service

When Dying is Gain (Phil 1.21) Paul Johnson

Lois Herring is the wife of long-time missionary pastor Dennis Herring. Her husband is the pastor of Chase River Baptist Church in Nanaimo, BC. She has been his ‘right arm’ for over fifty years. We had the privilege of gathering today in our church to support our brother and to honour Lois’ life.

The meeting was a gathering of many churches from all over Western Canada. Visitors came from such places as Calgary, Alberta and Prince George, BC. One of our deacons was thrilled with how the crowd “made our rafters ring”. The service was a real blessing to all, and especially to bro. Herring.

The participants included our pastor with the eulogy, Pastor Gordon Conner of Greater Vancouver Baptist Church as our song leader, bro. Wayne Pelland and Pastor Jason Buechert with special music, Pastor Bill Carter of Capital City Baptist Church reading the Scripture and leading in prayer, Jon Konnerup, Mission Director of BBFI Missions with a testimony, and Pastor Paul Johnson of Grace Baptist Church of the Comox Valley with the sermon.

The message was a powerful exposition of Phil 1.21 that showed us just what it means to have a death that is truly gain. The death that is truly gain comes from the life that is lived completely sold out for Jesus Christ.

[Please note: this recording is of the entire service, including our congregational singing.]


I encourage you to listen to our service, especially the sermon. It is one of the finest funeral messages I have ever heard. (And that’s in spite of the fact that it is my ‘little brother’ doing the preaching!)

UPDATE: If you would like to listen to the funeral message by itself, we have uploaded an audio of the sermon only at the link above.