3.22.09 gbcvic sermons

The Knowledge of Sin (Rm 3.20)

The sin section of Romans comes to its conclusion with this verse, which gives the cause, or reason, why no man has any defense or anything to say before God. The law cannot justify, it can only reveal the depth of human need and human sinfulness. The deeds of the law only prove yet again how much we need righteousness not our own.

Evolution and Origins (2)

In preparation for discussing the theology of Man, we continue a brief overview of evolution and its challenges. In this session we outline four areas where evolution has problems: mutations, natural selection, time, and the fossil record. Each of these areas represent weaknesses in the theory.

The Concept of Christian Liberty (Gal 5.1)

We continue our look at Christian living as taught by Paul in Galatians. This message is an introductory message intended to aid understanding of the concept of liberty. Men without God are in bondage three ways, according to the scriptures: to sin, to the law, and to death. The work of Christ liberates us from bondage, making us free to live in the Spirit, no longer bound by the flesh but bound to Christ.


A good day today, several visitors, enough to mostly make up for our regulars who were away traveling or with sickness.