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3.29.09 gbcvic sermons

But Now! (Rm 3.21)

The gospel revolutionizes everything. There is no defense against the charges of the law. Nothing can be said… but incredibly there is a defense! A defense hidden through the ages in type and symbol, but witnessed by Law and prophets of a ‘without-law’ righteousness, now fully manifested and in full effect. But now! Delivered from sin at last!

The Bible and Origins (1)

We turn to the subject of origins according to the One Source of Truth, the Bible. Our faith in the inerrancy of the Bible is the essential presupposition that guides our study, and those facts that may be certainly known are those the Bible reveals. We begin with the first principles of creation: it is the work of the One Creator God, the God of Genesis 1.

Perseverance in Christian Liberty (Gal 5.1)

Christian liberty is the purpose of Christ’s liberating work. The Lord did not save us that we should any longer be in bondage, he saved us to live the full liberty of Christian life, the life of a Christian citizen of the Kingdom of God. The imperative of this verse calls us to persevere in our liberty, never again being entangled in bondage.