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4.5.09 gbcvic sermons

Here are our sermon summaries. We had a great day in the Lord in our services today.

The Righteousness from God (Rm 3.21-22)

After almost a year of sermons on the ‘sin-section’ of Romans, today we don’t move very far in our exposition. We just want to bask with delight in the new concept of without-law righteousness from God revealed in the work of Christ. By faith we are made new in Him.

The Bible and Origins (2)

We continue our discussion of what the Bible says about human origin. Our lesson touches on the Gap Theory. We will discuss it in a bit more detail next week, but begin its discussion this week

Keep Separated from Uncleanness (Lev 15)

Our chapter for communion is the last of the cleanness legislation (Lev 11-15). These chapters are leading up to the great cleansing ritual, the Day of Atonement, but even that ritual is not what we want to deal with our uncleanness. The best the law can do is neutralize the burden. We are looking for One who can eliminate once for all the uncleanness that perpetually afflicts mankind.