Thru the Bible DVD

All the bugs are now fixed, so I am happy to announce the availability of our Thru the Bible DVD.


The DVD contains all our study guides, sermon notes, and audio mp3s from our series chronologically through the entire Bible from Aug 05 to April 07. I preached a total of 151 messages in the OT (audio for two didn’t survive!) with one guest message from our friend and mission director Dr. Fred Moritz. We also had 12 messages over the summer of 2006 from an exposition of Malachi and another 7 sessions teaching about the Intertestamental period. In the NT, we ended up with 124 messages as well, for a total of 293 audio files on the DVD.

The DVDs are available in two formats: “off the shelf” which are allegedly only good for 5-7 years and “100 year archival” DVDs which are supposed to last for a while. (Will there be machines capable of reading them in 100 years? Let me know when you find out!)

In any case, we are happy to make the off the shelf DVDs available just for the cost of shipping, $2.50 to Canada, $3.00 to USA. The Archival DVDs are available for $5.00 each, plus cost of shipping.

If you are interested in ordering, please send me an e-mail.