4.19.09 gbcvic sermons

Assurance for Constant Sinners

[Romans Series: (Rm 3.22c-23)]

One of the remarkable aspects of our salvation is that God grants us righteousness without law, even though we continually fall short of God’s glory. We are all saved sinners, and thank God for it, but amazingly, we are also sinning sinners who are still saved by ‘without-law’ righteousness.

The Bible and Origins (4)

[Basic Theology Series]

We continue our discussion of the origin of man with a look at arguments for and against a literal 6-day 24 hour per day creation. We conclude that it is impossible to hold to any other position if you accept the Bible as the only authority.

The second threat to Christian Liberty

[Galatians Series: (Gal 5.13-15)]

The first threat to Christian Liberty is any attempt to add religious ritual to the gospel in order to be saved. The second threat goes in an opposite direction, to use our liberty in Christ as a pretext for fleshly indulgence. Such excuses fail to appreciate the purpose of Christian liberty and the joys of the new life in Christ.