quick report on NW regional FBF conference

My wife and I spent most of the week in Monroe, WA, at the Northwest Regional Conference of the FBFI. The host church, Monroe Baptist Church, pastored by John Stima were wonderful hosts for one of my favorite events. You can check their Sermons page for audio files, they should be available by Sunday or Monday, I am told.

Our main speakers were Dr. Bob Jones III, chancellor of Bob Jones University and Dr. John Vaughn, president of the FBF. Both men did outstanding jobs. Dr. Bob in particular gave us a series of three messages on the theme of meekness, very powerful, very convicting, and much needed by us all. Four of our area pastors also spoke, pastor Stima of Monroe Baptist, pastor Brian Ernsberger of Lincoln Park Baptist in Wenatchee, WA, Dr. Tom Nieman, former pastor of Galilee Baptist in Kent, WA, and yours truly. On Tuesday, my wife and Mrs Jones led a Ladies Seminar which was very well received and well attended.

The meeting was one of our best ever. (My wife says I say that every year.) The men who serve together in the Northwest are a great encouragement to me and this meeting is really one of the highlights of the year for me. It helps us to get together and talk about issues and needs, to encourage one another, to look into the Word, to sit under sound preaching, and to pray for one another and the various works represented.

I would encourage you to seek out the regional FBF meetings around the country and participate yourself. I am sure you will find a blessing and encouragement for the ministry if the others are anything like ours. (I have only ever attended one other regional FBF meeting, in Northern California, but I was similarly encouraged there.)

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

UPDATE: Here is a picture from the last evening service:

NW FBF - Monroe Baptist, Monroe, WA

NW FBF - Monroe Baptist, Monroe, WA

UPDATE: The audio files are now up on the Monroe Baptist site. I am downloading them as I type! Bonus! You can get Dr Bob’s messages from last Sunday, also preached at Monroe Baptist for their 10th anniversary.