5.3.09 gbcvic sermons

Posting once again from sunny Alberta, the land of my birth, the lone prairie, where my heart lives….

Here are our summaries from yesterday. A blessed day it was!

Day of Affliction

Lev 16.1-34

It so ‘happens’ that as we come to our communion Sunday, the chapter we are in for our Leviticus series is the very chapter needed for the background to our next verse in our Romans study. As a result, we made the Leviticus message our morning message and the Romans message our afternoon and communion message.

The Day of Atonement is the annual ritual whereby the Tabernacle was cleansed to allow Israel access to God for another year. In this cleansing, by ritual, the Israelite had to in faith believe that God indeed would accept the nation, hear their prayers and receive their offerings because the accumulated uncleanness of the year was removed and the sins of the year atoned for. The ceremony is a spectacular picture of the work of Christ on our behalf in many ways.

Creation of Man (2)

[Basic Theology]

Our lesson following Ryrie’s outline continues this week, where we discuss the idea of man created in the image of God.

The Public Propitiation

Rm 3.25

The first concept of this verse, and an exceedingly precious one, takes a new tack in understanding the great change now made available to sinners. Previously, we have considered the benefits that accrue to man from his justification by the ‘without-law’ kind of righteousness. In this message, we look at the change wrought in God.

God is propitiated by the work of Christ. That is, he is made propitious, favorable, disposed to receive us, the way is open, free and clear for anyone by faith to come into his presence. Unlike the weakness of the yearly day of atonement, the great atonement of the cross opens the door for men to worship God permanently and forever.


Don Johnson
Jer 33.3