I have a question

or two…

Lighthouse Trails reports and a news report and the Mars Hill church calendar confirms that Mark Driscoll (yes, him again) will be speaking at Robert Shuler’s Crystal Cathedral on June 14.

There is no word from the CE camp as yet whether this means there is an expansion in the Gospel Coalition.

In the meantime, certain leaders seem to be sorta, kinda, almost, but not really calling for a new kind of Christianity that is not evangelical or fundamentalist but is conservative.

Conservative Christians believe that their task is to reclaim a full-orbed, historic, biblical Christianity. Their task is made difficult by the unfavorable environments of fundamentalism and evangelicalism. It is complicated further by the fact that conservatives are trying to reconstruct a heritage that was not handed to them intact.

Presumably, the crowd that tends to be in the Gospel Coalition, who are also a lot of the same people in Together for the Gospel, and who also tend to show up at the Shepherd’s Conference would be the conservatives from the evangelical side of the equation. Those conservatives from the fundamentalist side of the equation are getting … what? bolder?

I said I had a question…Just who is kidding whom?

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3