5.17.09 gbcvic sermons

The Righteousness of God in Forgiving Your Sins [Romans]

Is God right to forgive sins? We look to the public propitiation-in-his-blood on the cross of Calvary and find that it justifies God in two ways. First, it makes God’s long forbearance over sin righteous, because it is clear that God judges sin – he has done so in his Son and will do so one day against all who are not in his Son. Second, it makes God’s justification of sinners completely just, because he has judged their sins in his Son.

The Creation of Man (3) [Basic Theology]

We conclude our discussion of the Creation of man with a brief review of the characteristics of creation, the pattern for man’s creation and close with a look at the transmission of man’s being from generation to generation.

Deceitfulness of the Flesh [Galatians]

Our study brings us to Gal 5.19-21, the works of the flesh. The message today points out the deceptive character of the flesh. As we look at the sins listed as ‘works of the flesh’ are truly fleshly – the basest expressions of human lusts. Most Christians and professing Christians would agree that these are not something the Christian should pursue nor would they even admit to them. Their deceptive character, however, is seen when people who are commanded and exhorted to walk in the Spirit instead trifle with the ‘fringes’ of the works of the flesh. They are not yet full blown examples of the things on this list, but the desire for these things clearly come from the flesh, not the Spirit. The Christian is warned; the professing Christian is warned to see himself as he truly is, in need of salvation because of his delight in the flesh and its works.


An excellent day in the Lord’s house with good attendance,  just a few away with illness. Some new visitors, too.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3