5.24.09 gbcvic sermons

Boasting Excluded [Romans]

Rm 3.27-28 – Boasting is (and has always been) a symptom of the world we live in. Our culture even thinks pride is a good thing, as long as it isn’t ‘abused’. In the gospel, Paul finds one of its benefits is that all boasting is ‘shown the door’, excluded. The great blessing of the gospel is that no one has anything to boast of in their salvation – they simply believed God and God gets all the credit for all the changes that came as a result.

Evangelizing Children (1)

For our Bible Study session, we begin a discussion on the subject of Evangelizing Children. We are basing it on an article published by Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, CA. We have certain distinct differences with this ministry, but nevertheless find the materials they produce and the preaching ministry of their pastor, John MacArthur to be very beneficial.

The first session of our study begins with a look at some pitfalls to watch out for in evangelizing children.

How Crucifying the Flesh produces the Fruit of the Spirit [Galatians]

Gal 5.19-23 – How do you produce the fruit of the Spirit? Can you produce it by disciplining yourself more in love? Or joy? Or self-control? We look today to see how it is that when we repent of sin and the works of the flesh and turn to God and submit to his will and ways, the result is joy and peace and all the manifold fruit of the Spirit. In other words, when we truly crucify the flesh, we find the fruit of the Spirit in the new walk of the Spirit. It is something that the Spirit produces in our lives by grace through faith.