5.31.09 gbcvic sermons

All Nations Included [Romans]

Rm 3.29-30

The second ‘certain advantage’ of justification by faith is that there is no distinction between Jew and Gentile, no one has an advantage with God because of who his parents are. There is one God who justifies both Jew and Gentile the same way, by faith. We must therefore submit ourselves under the One God, and proclaim the One Message, to all the World, including the people on your own street, whom  you may or may not like.

Evangelizing Children (2)

For our Bible Study session, we begin a discussion on the subject of Evangelizing Children. We are basing it on an article published by Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, CA. We have certain distinct differences with this ministry, but nevertheless find the materials they produce and the preaching ministry of their pastor, John MacArthur to be very beneficial.

The second session of our study continues to look at three more pitfalls to watch out for in evangelizing children.

Walking by This Rule [Galatians]

Gal 5.15-6.16

With this message we conclude our look at the Christian and his relationship to the flesh and the world. The thrust of this message is to describe what the Spirit-walk looks like. Essentially, the life lived in the Spirit is a life lived in service to others and in submission to the Word through the teaching of godly teachers. This is contrary to the way the Judaizing false teachers lived, but exactly the way the apostle Paul lived. This rule, Paul’s rule, is our model for Spirit-filled living.


We had a great day today, more new visitors, with some hope that they will return, always a welcome prospect.