fellowship with blasphemy

Piper, Driscoll Stay Passionate for Mission amid Criticisms – Christian Post

Baptist theologian John Piper and emerging church pastor Mark Driscoll are teaming up this week for an anticipated conference on the "resurgence of the local church."

"Advance," opening on Thursday in Durham, N.C., is just one of many events the two pastors have come together for in recent years.

What produces this incredible weakness in Piper?



  1. 1Co 15:33 Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

  2. Last I checked Driscoll wasn’t part of the Emerging Church movement. He actually is interested in correct doctrine. :-)

    • Daniel, if he was interested in correct doctrine, he wouldn’t blaspheme. He would clean up his mouth and his life. He is completely unacceptable as a Christian minister.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  3. Perhaps. Maybe his inward life is as you have judged him to be. But surely the grace of God is working in his life. Peter wasn’t banished from Apostleship for his hypocrisy, and Paul rejoiced in the preaching of the gospel…even when done in pretense (Phil. 1). As Christians we call spades, spades…but we do so out of a spirit of grace and forgiveness….for the debt we have been forgiven is just as great (Matt. 18).

    My perspective anyway.

    • No, Daniel, you are quite wrong. Blasphemy is inexcusable. You say “surely the grace of God is working in his life” – you can know this to be true only insofar as the grace of God is at work in the world generally, and specifically through the word of God. But you mean to say by that something that you can’t possibly know. You can’t know whether the Spirit of God lives in his heart. I don’t know it either. But I do know it isn’t legitimate or acceptable to blaspheme, something the man does repeatedly and deliberately.

      Furthermore, if the grace of God actually is working in his heart as you suggest, that doesn’t excuse his blasphemy. It isn’t a defense. The shortest answer I can give to it is “so what?” What does it prove. The man needs to repent, resign from the ministry and get under the discipleship of a godly, seasoned pastor.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3