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6.7.09 gbcvic sermons

God’s Law Established [Romans]

Rm 3.31

Justification has this advantage, it establishes law. The great fear of Apostolic Age Judaizers was that Gentiles + justification by faith = chaos of people claiming to be believers but living lawless lives. Of course, by lawless, they meant ‘without the Mosaic law.’ The truth is that faith agrees with the Law’s demands, its verdict, and its penalty, but it sees the penalty met in the work of Christ on the cross. The law’s penalty thus met establishes the law as veritably true and valid. The difference is that the believer no longer need worry about failure in that the sentence for failure is met in Christ. The believer now has liberty to live up to the law, rather than fear failure of the law.

Evangelizing Children (3) [Christian Home]

For our Bible Study session, we begin a discussion on the subject of Evangelizing Children. We are basing it on an article published by Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, CA. We have certain distinct differences with this ministry, but nevertheless find the materials they produce and the preaching ministry of their pastor, John MacArthur to be very beneficial.

The third session of our study looks at two foundational keys for evangelizing children.

The Life is in the Blood [Leviticus, Communion]

Lev 17.1-16

We discover in this chapter, the Levitical laws of blood, a universal truth expressed in laws applied to several different dispensations – first under Noah, here in Leviticus under Moses, and last in the book of Acts under the Apostles. This universal truth is the notion of life being in the blood, which makes it possible for a bloody death to function as a substitute for a sinner in need of acceptance by God. We see it in the demand for bloody sacrifice and the prohibition against consuming blood in all dispensations. We see it in the pagan world, full of bloody sacrifice (though very corrupt in their practices). And we see it finally in the one bloody sacrifice of Christ for all people for all time.