7.12.09 gbcvic sermons

How ‘No Works’ Works for You [Romans]

Rom 3.21-4.8

Our message is a summary of the section of Romans we have most recently covered in great detail. The one great theme of this passage is justification by faith alone, no works added. The purpose of this message is to tie all this teaching together with a particular emphasis on what faith without works means. All belief systems justify self on some basis – all but true Christianity do so on the basis of faith in works. Christianity is based on faith without works, or, perhaps better, faith in the works of Someone Else.

The Facets of Man (3) [Basic Theology]

We continue our discussion of the nature of man with a look today at the ‘heart’ and the ‘conscience’. What we are after is getting a grasp of how the Bible describes the inner man.

Beloved Be Diligent [Christian Growth]

2 Pt 3.14

“Beloved be diligent … of your Christian walk” – that is the theme of our message today. As we have been considering the ‘beloved be’s of 2 Peter 3’ we have seen the call to be mindful of the word so that we will not be ignorant of God, with the result that we will be diligent in our Christian walk, energetically pursuing holiness and godliness because the day of the Lord is approaching.