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7.26.09 gbcvic sermons

Yesterday, it fell my lot to be driving teens back from camp in Alberta. I started out from my parents’ home at 3:15 am our time and arrived at my house at 9:15 pm. That’s 18 hours of almost continuous travel, just a few stops along the way. (And no speeding tickets, as one of my folks at church was quick to check.)

This seems to be part of the work in a small ministry – sometimes you put yourself into very demanding seasons of work for the sake of being a help to your people, especially when it comes to encouraging your teens.

And I offer the note as a bit of background for my ebbing energy level as the day progressed… Now for the summaries:

What Means This Sign? [Romans]

Rm 4.11-12

Our verses today are quite complicated – a sentence explaining the significance of Abraham’s circumcision and its blessing and example for those of us who follow him today.

The Fall of Man (1) [Basic Theology]

We begin a new topic of Bible Study today by introducing various views of the fall of man and by considering the state of man before the fall.

Add to your Faith [Growth]

2 Pt 1.5

A look at the idea of adding or supplying additional spiritual qualities in your life to that which brings spiritual life into existence, saving faith.