7.26.09 gbcvic sermons

Yesterday, it fell my lot to be driving teens back from camp in Alberta. I started out from my parents’ home at 3:15 am our time and arrived at my house at 9:15 pm. That’s 18 hours of almost continuous travel, just a few stops along the way. (And no speeding tickets, as one of my folks at church was quick to check.)

This seems to be part of the work in a small ministry – sometimes you put yourself into very demanding seasons of work for the sake of being a help to your people, especially when it comes to encouraging your teens.

And I offer the note as a bit of background for my ebbing energy level as the day progressed… Now for the summaries:

What Means This Sign? [Romans]

Rm 4.11-12

Our verses today are quite complicated – a sentence explaining the significance of Abraham’s circumcision and its blessing and example for those of us who follow him today.

The Fall of Man (1) [Basic Theology]

We begin a new topic of Bible Study today by introducing various views of the fall of man and by considering the state of man before the fall.

Add to your Faith [Growth]

2 Pt 1.5

A look at the idea of adding or supplying additional spiritual qualities in your life to that which brings spiritual life into existence, saving faith.



  1. Don,

    I just now got back from a trip taking our Junior young people to camp. Mine was unexpected, however. My wife was going to be taking them and my five year old daughter was going along for the ride. (It is about a 6 hour trip each way – although Mapquest says just over 5 hours, but I don’t think I have ever made it under 6 from here.) A long story short – my five year old starting throwing up in the van and I met them about an hour and half into the trip and traded vehicles and took the kids the rest of the way while Mommy came home with Bekah. Fun day.

    One of the thoughts I have had (probably heard somewhere else) is that small church ministry tends to be magnified ministry.

    When good things happen in a small church, the joy is magnified because everybody knows each other. (E.g. one of the kids at camp trust Christ for salvation and every body at church rejoices because they all know the child.) If the Lord works in a special way in the life of those teens you took to camp, you will probably be more aware of it and rejoice more in it than the pastor of a larger church who has delegated all things youth to his youth guy.

    Likewise, the discouragement/difficulties tend to magnified in a small church ministry. (E.g. you lose one family in a small church and it is a much bigger deal than loosing one family in a larger church.)

    One of these days, I plan on writing on this subject. (You know… one of these days.)

    In Christ,

    Pastor Frank Sansone

    • Yes, one of these days…

      There is no life like it, eh? I really have no desire for a mega-ministry. I have a few friends with big churches and I am glad for them. I am also glad it isn’t me.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3