8.2.09 gbcvic sermons

Heir of the World [Romans]

Rm 4.13

We pause today for a look at one phrase, ‘heir of the world’. The phrase defines the content of the promise made to Abraham and his seed. But what exactly is this inheritance of the world? No explicit promise like this was ever given to Abraham. We trace through the Scriptures the development of the Abrahamic covenant in order to discover the nature of our inheritance and the motive of our current life in this world, where we eschew the world for reasons of a better world we will inherit by and by.

The Fall of Man (2) [Basic Theology]

In this session we discuss the process of man’s fall from his original state into sin and death.We consider the craftiness of the serpent, the deception of Eve, and the rebellion of Adam.

The Commandments Expanded [Communion, Leviticus]

Lev 19

Our chapter has four notable features including the theme verse of Leviticus, “Ye shall be holy: for I the LORD your God am holy.” The other features are a repetition or allusion to each of the ten commandments, the revelation of the second great commandment and the constant repetition of the phrase “I am the Lord (your God).” All of this emphasizes a deeper understanding of God’s law and nature and the demands it places on us in all of life for absolute holiness in imitation of our God.

We are conscious, still, of our inadequacy in this chapter. We need more. We can’t meet the standard. Thus, such a chapter about the holiness of God applied to life calls forth a memory of the holy condescension of our holy God in becoming a man, keeping the law even unto death on our behalf.