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8.9.09 gbcvic sermons

Not Through Law [Romans]

Rm 4.13-16

Paul continues his proof of justification by faith by showing how law completely empties faith of any meaning and promise of any usefulness. Even more than that, if the inheritance of the world (the fullness of the promise to Abraham) can be attained by law, no one can attain it because the law only works wrath against such as us. Thank God salvation is by faith, that it might be all of grace and a sure guarantee for any one who believes in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Testimony of God’s Mercy
    Rory Johnson

1 Tim 1.12-17

Our pastor’s son, Rory, is home for a few weeks after spending the summer as an intern at a church in Kansas. He is preaching the afternoon messages the Sundays he is home.

In this message, Rory looks at the testimony of the apostle Paul who experienced God’s mercy to be put in the ministry and in fact to be saved at all. The conclusion of the matter is all glory to God for his saving mercy and grace. His testimony is our example.