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he’s at it again

Kevin Bauder has come out with another disappointing broadside against fundamentalism. He fills a recent article of Central Seminaries online publication, In the Nick of Time, with a series of scandalous charges against Fundamentalism.

I have summarized the charges as they appear in the article. I attempt to represent them accurately, working my way through the article paragraph by paragraph. If my summaries are inaccurate in any way, I invite correction where I may have erred.

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8.23.09 gbcvic sermons

The Function of Law [Romans]

Rm 4.15

In this message we consider what it is the law does – it hems us in so we must turn to God. We are working on this proposition as the central idea of the message: The Law brings the individual to the crisis of conviction from which there is no way of escape except the grace of God.

The Biblical Concept of Sin (2) [Basic Theology]

In this lesson we conclude our look at the words used in the Bible for sin. From this we discuss a working definition of sin with a few additional comments worked in.

Facing the King of Heaven [Guest]
Rory Johnson

Dan 4

Our pastor’s son concludes his sermons for this summer with a biographical sermon on Nebuchadnezzar and his progress in knowing and submitting to God. All men must yield to the majesty and holiness of God. We should learn from Nebuchadnezzar’s humiliation if we would escape similar lessons ourselves.