9.13.09 gbcvic sermons

Abraham’s Faith Described [Romans]

Rm 4.18-22

Our passage describes in very careful detail what made up Abraham’s faith, both in how it looked beyond the reality of Abraham’s physical circumstance and how it relied unwaveringly on the promise and word of the Living God. Saving faith parallels Abraham’s faith exactly, and it is this faith that is counted as righteousness by the One who Judges all souls.

Christ’s Teaching Concerning Sin (2) [Basic Theology]

Our lesson today continues our look at our Lord’s teaching concerning sin. In this section, we are going passage by passage through examples of specific sins our Lord condemns.

My Son Timothy [1 Timothy]

1 Tim 1.1-2

This afternoon we begin a look at the Pastoral Epistles with a biographical message about Timothy, Paul’s son in the faith. We consider the apostolic concern for the coming generation and apply it to our need to be concerned about the growth of our coming generations in the local church.


We had a good day in the services, but I was visited by a man before anyone else got there. He is going through some very deep waters and is a new believer. If you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers for him. He didn’t stay for the services and didn’t answer the door when I called after our afternoon service. I’ll be going back for another try later today.



  1. Service sounds interesting. Abraham is an amazing example. I’ll pray for the fellow.

    • Thanks Joshua. I tried to visit again later this afternoon but still no answer. I’ll try again in the morning.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

      • Just an update, in case anyone is checking…

        I did visit the fellow this morning. Praise the Lord! I was worried about him, but he seems to be coming along. He has many sad stories in his background, has limited spiritual understanding (many different influences in the past), some ongoing problems as a result of past sins, but he wants to turn his life around. I think he is born again, but it is hard to tell exactly where he is.

        Anyway, it was really great to see him and pray with him today. I plan to visit again tomorrow. He says he will be in our services Sunday. If you’re praying about this, pray that I can have clarity of thought as I prepare the messages and that the Lord will give him ears to hear so that real steps can be taken forward in his spiritual life.

        Don Johnson
        Jer 33.3