10.4.09 gbcvic sermons

So Abraham Believed … So What? [Romans]

Rm 4

Our message today summarizes the arguments of Romans 4. We have been in this chapter almost 4 whole months, analyzing the argument in detail. But we don’t want to give the impression that Christianity is just a matter of having the right doctrine. Right doctrine is the foundation of right living. Abraham’s faith was the foundation for his spiritual life, just as our faith is for our lives as well.

Christ’s Teaching Concerning Sin (5) [Basic Theology]

We conclude our summary of Christ’s teaching concerning sin with this lesson. In it we see some of the consequences of sin, teaching concerning the forgiveness of sin, and a section called ‘the eschatology of sin’.

Perfect in Conduct and Person [Leviticus, Communion]

Lev 21

Our chapter this month provides some more specific rules concerning priestly qualification and conduct. The regulations imply the weakness of the Aaronic priesthood and call for the coming perfect priesthood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


We had an incident of vandalism at our church on Friday evening. Someone stole an excavator a contractor was parking on our property (temporarily). He used it to destroy our storage shed and dig huge holes in our back yard. Then he destroyed the fence between our property and the neighbouring school, finally halting when he broke part of the hydraulics by tangling himself up in some aluminum soccer goals. We are thankful that no serious damage occurred to our main building. The incident certainly illustrates the needy hearts that surround us every day.

In church, I had the joy of talking to a young lady who seems to have been born again recently. She was raised in a Catholic home, but the Lord has opened her eyes to the truth of the gospel and she has accepted the Lord as her only Saviour.

We also were visited by a man who has turned his back on the bike gangs and wants to follow the Lord. What a blessing to see him opening up to a couple of our men. He is taking steps to learn how to follow the Lord. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve him in teaching the Scriptures and extending the right hand of fellowship.

A great day in the Lord’s house, I’d say, in spite of the challenges the vandalism presents.



  1. Wow, that’s rough! I can understand the temptation for a kid when there is heavy machinery just sitting there, but one doesn’t just cross that line and *do* it.

    • Well, apparently this kid has done it before. Broke into a local company a week or two ago and ended up trashing some equipment and property there. At least, if the information the contractor has on it is correct! We are a little shaken up but nothing too huge was lost. We are reminded that he have to rest on the Lord. The damage could have been much worse.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3