Vandalism Photos

I thought some of our friends outside Victoria might like to see some pictures of the damage done by vandalism to our church property last Friday evening, Oct 2.

This photo is the worst of the damage – our  completely destroyed storage shed:


More photos are posted here, at our church site.

The damage could have been much worse. We thank the Lord for His protection in this incident. No one was hurt and really, the damage was very minor.

And in the meantime, we had great services this weekend with significant spiritual victories happening in lives. That is the main thing in all of these distresses. And Thanksgiving is next Monday! So Praise the Lord!


  1. Don,

    He or they done you bad. I feel your pain though. We get regular vandalizing by almost anyone’s standard. I guess I wouldn’t think of it happening where you’re at. Is the person who owns the machinery liable in any way?

    • Yeah, we are peaceniks up here. We don’t have crime! Ha!

      The contractor might have some liability because he left his key hidden in the machinery. There is a law here in BC that parents are liable for their kids actions if the kids are below 21 or something like that. Of course, if they have no home insurance, or no money, that may mean nothing.

      We’ll get things sorted out shortly.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3