09.10.25 gbcvic sermons

Access Into This Grace [Romans]

Rm 5.2

Besides peace with God (Rm 5.1), the blessings of justification include the blessings of permanent access to permanent standing in the presence of God and the hope of eternal presence in perfect communion with the glorious God who made us. This is something worth boasting about!

The Inheritance of Sin (2) [Basic Theology]

We continue our lesson on inherited sin with a look at the penalty for it, the transmission of it, the remedy for it, and some attacks against the doctrine. The teaching of the Bible is that man inherited his sin nature from his father, Adam, that he is thus totally depraved, corrupt in every part of his being, and in desperate need of righteousness he cannot produce or obtain by his own efforts.

Keeping Constant against Error [1 Timothy]

1 Tim 1.1-7

In this message, we look at ground we have already covered in 1 Timothy. We emphasize a major theme of the book, calling pastors and leaders to a vigilant ministry against error and foolish teaching that might crop up in the church. The opening paragraphs are an echo of Paul’s farewell message to Ephesus, Ac 20.28-31. His urgency to Timothy is an urgency every member of the church needs to receive and share: put a stop to error and false teaching creeping into the church.