our Wednesday service

I have been posting our Sunday service summaries here since we started this blog. We haven’t been recording our Wednesday studies, but some have inquired about our notes (we are going through the Psalms). Also, we had a few who were unable to attend this last week, so we decided to record last night’s study.

I thought I would post the summary for this Wednesday in case anyone is interested. I may publish the notes to our previous studies in the Psalms later, but for now we will put them up going forward. I am not sure if I will put the weekly summary up on oxgoad, but if you would like to follow our church RSS feed, you can find it at gbcvic.org.

The Psalms have been an especially blessed study for us. I am not offering my normal preaching style for these studies, it is more of a question answer session. We are trying to help our people learn how to read the Psalms for themselves. So I ask questions about key details I want our folks to see so they can get the flow of the psalm and a bit of the emotional impact of the poetry.

Here is this week’s installment:

O God, do not remain quiet [Psalms]

Ps 83

Psalm 83 is the last of the psalms of Asaph, probably written by members of the Asaph choir. The psalm calls on God to thoroughly rout the enemies surrounding His people. The prayer looks far beyond the original circumstances to the final miraculous victory God will provide for Israel when he overthrows all enemies, ushers in the kingdoms and causes the nations to seek Him.




  1. I read this one last week and am looking forward to other outlines you may post for the Psalms in the future.

    • Hi Jerry

      I’ll have Psalm 84 up later on tonight. I hope to add previous efforts also, but they will probably not be until next week sometime.

      Thanks for the comment here and on the “independent” thread. You are exactly right on that one, and I can’t add anything to it. Thanks for your words.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3