11.1.09 gbcvic sermons

Glorying in Tribulations [Romans]

Rm 5.3a

One of the blessings of salvation is a new way of thinking God grants us by enlivening our spirit and giving us the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Instead of looking at troubles as evidence that God is not good or sinking by them into bitter despair, the believer has the blessing of glorying in trouble because of what God will do in our lives through them. In this message we concentrate on the expectation of troubles in the Christian life and the examples of the new mind provided for us in the apostle Paul and our Lord Jesus.

The Imputation of Sin (1) [Basic Theology]

We begin to look at the aspect of sin which determines the physical death of all men – the imputation of Adam’s sin. Imputed sin differs from inherited sin in that it involves our participation in the guilt of Adam’s sin whereas inherited sin involves the transmission of corrupted human nature from father to son from Adam to each succeeding generation.

Eating Holy Food [Leviticus, Communion]

Lev 21.16-22.16

In this lesson we see how God regulated access to the holy food of the Old Testament (the priests portions of the sacrifices) but how in the new dispensation the Bread of Life (our Lord Jesus) is open to all, the blind, the lame, the diseased, the disfigured, the Jew, the Gentile – to all who will believe on our Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. The banquet table is open to all who receive Christ.


A great day in the Lord’s house in spite of several of our members being out of town. Several visitors made up the difference including a young fellow newly converted to Christ. His enthusiasm for the things of the Lord added much to our services.



  1. Jerry Bouey says:

    Bro Don, I can’t get the first four sermon outlines on Romans 3 to work (3:1-2; 3-4; 5-8; 9). Can you double check the links for me, please and/or perhaps email me those files? I am really interested in reading more of this series. By the way, the outline on Psalm 84 was a real blessing.

    • Thanks, Jerry, I’ll check it out and get back to you.

      UPDATE: Ok, they should all work now. I must have changed the file names and forgotten to change the links in the posts. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3