an interesting resource

I just got an e-mail notification of a resource put out by Zondervan, the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: Old Testament. It looks like a fascinating source of information.

Readers should note that such publications often support liberal views on Biblical dates and tend to minimize the miraculous. Nevertheless, if read with discernment, such resources can provide valuable background material for studying and teaching the Bible.

A sample is offered where you can read the Ezra-Nehemiah section and see what is offered in this set.

There are some promotional videos available. The first is a more serious look at the set:


And the second takes a light-hearted approach:


You can find out more at The Ancient

Alas, I find out too late for Christmas! And, alas, the price is out of my reach just now!

In any case, it looks like this resource is one to put on the Wish List for sure.