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are we anabaptists?

A very interesting discussion on names and terminology in the 17th century is going on here. Would the first Baptists have embraced the term ‘anabaptist’? Apparently not.

Apparently labels matter (or mattered) to some.


1.31.10 gbcvic sermons

Our first message is the preached form of our Wed, Jan 20. It is the fruit of our pastors hospital stay last weekend.

Dwelling in the Shelter of the Almighty (Ps 91.1-16)


We continue with our look at Tyndale’s Prologue to Romans, 5th part, covering mostly his summary of Romans 7.

Tyndale on Romans (5)


Our afternoon service was occupied with our annual business meeting. We thank the Lord for a good year past and look forward to a good year coming. The Lord is doing some good things among us.


place of sports in Christian life

An interesting article at Christianity Today regarding the over-emphasis and over-indulgence in sports that plagues many Christians.

Sports Fanatics

I don’t endorse CT, but post this link as a matter of interest. Considering the source, the article ought to speak volumes to Christians of a more conservative persuasion.


twisting the tail?

A few days ago I was incapacitated while comments on an earlier post piled up. I’d like to respond to each one individually in the order in which they were received, so I thought I would do it in a post. I’ll close the comments on the original post and all subsequent comments (if any) can be posted here.

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a little housekeeping

I have several comments in the queue for the previous post. I haven’t gotten around to digesting them or dealing with them because of a little medical emergency. I won’t go into gory details (it was gory) but I ended up in the hospital for the weekend after experiencing my first ambulance ride.

The docs were great, I am now fine, under strict orders to hopefully prevent a reoccurrence.

I do appreciate each of you (about 5) who have comments in the queue that I need to deal with. I hope you will be patient as I will get to them in due time.

A few observations from the experience:

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pin the tail on the fundamentalist

I’ve observed a phenomenon in the erstwhile fundamentalist blogosphere. It’s called the game of pin the tail on the fundamentalist. It’s played this way:

  1. Everybody plays with their eyes open (the better to seem sincere and disingenuous).
  2. The root philosophy of fundamentalism is described as having been taught to the player at some point in his training (whether accurately stated or no, it makes no difference).
  3. An error of some fundamentalist(s) is shown to contradict the root philosophy of fundamentalism, as described.
  4. Fundamentalists and fundamentalism is branded as being hypocritical and inconsistent.
  5. A cacophony of ‘Amens’ and ‘Spot Ons’ follow in the blogosphere, the voices of an aggrieved multitude, citing this cause as being responsible for turning off and turning away a cast of thousands.
  6. A comparison is sometimes made of evangelicals who don’t share that particular error, sung to the sound of the background chorus, ‘O, to be like thee’.
  7. All thus ‘pinned’ fundamentalists are expected to hang their heads in collective shame, resolving to be henceforward more like the sainted evangelicals whose errors are few and heights of God-centeredness are sublime.

The game is on right now at a blog post near you.

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Sermons uploaded Jan 17, 2010

We uploaded an old message from Dr. Monroe Parker, former director of Baptist World Mission when he preached for us February 24, 1991. The audio quality is not great, but we thought some might be interested in the message.

Ye Must be Born Again – Dr. Monroe Parker, Feb 24, 1991

Our Wednesday evening psalm last week is the only one by Moses in the Psalter. This psalm was paraphrased by Isaac Watts in the hymn from which we get the title for our lesson.

O God Our Help in Ages Past – Ps 90, Jan 13, 2010

Sunday Messages

Our message from Romans 5.9 challenges the hearer to view salvation from the wrath of God as not merely our ‘escape ticket’ from doom, but as a motivation to mortify the lusts of the flesh and put off the sins of the inner man.

Free from Wrath – Rom 5.9

We continue with our look at Tyndale’s introduction to Romans. In this lesson we look at Tyndale’s summary of the first six chapters of Romans.

Tyndale on Romans (4)

Our message from 1 Timothy challenges the believer to guard his good conscience in order to maintain his faith, part of successful Christian strategy in fighting the good fight.

War a Good Warfare – 1 Tim 1.18-20


We hope you enjoy these offerings.


Dr. Frank Garlock

This announcement appears on the front page of Majesty Music’s site:

****Dr. Frank Garlock went to Jacmel, Haiti last week to preach for the Missions for Haiti school and church. We have not had any communication from him or the missionaries since the earthquake occurred. Please pray with us that he is unharmed and that he can be a tremendous help and testimony to the Hatian people at this time. God is good and we trust Him.****

Follow the link to the Majesty site for updates.


what kind of ‘c’ are you?

Consider the word ‘conservative’. What does it mean?

Let’s try

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Masters on separation

Peter Masters has a little booklet called Stand for Truth. It is a good presentation of the basic arguments for the separatist point of view, first published in 1983, revised in 1996 and reprinted in 2009. I think it is worth your while.

Masters argues for secondary separation (he embraces the term) with the following points:

  1. Non-separators deal a terrible blow to the exclusive nature of the gospel.
  2. Non-separators help the devil to achieve one of his main objectives – to cause such confusion that the world no longer sees a distinctive, biblical Christian community standing clearly apart from Catholic and liberal error.
  3. Non-separators lower the guard of the people of God, exposing them to further infiltration by false believers and false doctrine.
  4. Non-separators encourage false teachers in their infidelity and sin, and so strengthen them in their work.

Scriptures cited in this section are 2 Jn 11, 2 Th 3.6, 14-15 with 2 Chr 18.3, 2 Chr 19.2 and Rev 18.4-5 added as illustrations.

The booklet is 36 pages long and sums up the doctrine of separation quite nicely. Masters deals with ten common objections at the end of the booklet.

I recommend it to you. We have ordered a number of copies for our church people.