Masters on separation

Peter Masters has a little booklet called Stand for Truth. It is a good presentation of the basic arguments for the separatist point of view, first published in 1983, revised in 1996 and reprinted in 2009. I think it is worth your while.

Masters argues for secondary separation (he embraces the term) with the following points:

  1. Non-separators deal a terrible blow to the exclusive nature of the gospel.
  2. Non-separators help the devil to achieve one of his main objectives – to cause such confusion that the world no longer sees a distinctive, biblical Christian community standing clearly apart from Catholic and liberal error.
  3. Non-separators lower the guard of the people of God, exposing them to further infiltration by false believers and false doctrine.
  4. Non-separators encourage false teachers in their infidelity and sin, and so strengthen them in their work.

Scriptures cited in this section are 2 Jn 11, 2 Th 3.6, 14-15 with 2 Chr 18.3, 2 Chr 19.2 and Rev 18.4-5 added as illustrations.

The booklet is 36 pages long and sums up the doctrine of separation quite nicely. Masters deals with ten common objections at the end of the booklet.

I recommend it to you. We have ordered a number of copies for our church people.



  1. Thanks for the recommend!