Sermons uploaded Jan 17, 2010

We uploaded an old message from Dr. Monroe Parker, former director of Baptist World Mission when he preached for us February 24, 1991. The audio quality is not great, but we thought some might be interested in the message.

Ye Must be Born Again – Dr. Monroe Parker, Feb 24, 1991

Our Wednesday evening psalm last week is the only one by Moses in the Psalter. This psalm was paraphrased by Isaac Watts in the hymn from which we get the title for our lesson.

O God Our Help in Ages Past – Ps 90, Jan 13, 2010

Sunday Messages

Our message from Romans 5.9 challenges the hearer to view salvation from the wrath of God as not merely our ‘escape ticket’ from doom, but as a motivation to mortify the lusts of the flesh and put off the sins of the inner man.

Free from Wrath – Rom 5.9

We continue with our look at Tyndale’s introduction to Romans. In this lesson we look at Tyndale’s summary of the first six chapters of Romans.

Tyndale on Romans (4)

Our message from 1 Timothy challenges the believer to guard his good conscience in order to maintain his faith, part of successful Christian strategy in fighting the good fight.

War a Good Warfare – 1 Tim 1.18-20


We hope you enjoy these offerings.



  1. Don:

    Thanks for the Monroe Parker audio. He was the Director of Baptist World Mission when I first was appointed as a missionary there. His talks to us were always a blessing and inspiring. His close intimacy with Billy Graham (Parker was Graham’s Preacher Boy class teacher at BJU) made for a compelling lecture. He was even to the end grieved at the direction Graham went.

    • You’re welcome.

      Actually, as I recall Dr. Parker’s lecture on New Evangelicalism, he stayed several times in the Graham home while doing evangelistic work in the Charlotte area. He recruited Billy for BJU and said Billy made some kind of decision in one of his meetings also.

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  2. Don:

    Thanks for the reply. We miss Dr. Parker.