a little housekeeping

I have several comments in the queue for the previous post. I haven’t gotten around to digesting them or dealing with them because of a little medical emergency. I won’t go into gory details (it was gory) but I ended up in the hospital for the weekend after experiencing my first ambulance ride.

The docs were great, I am now fine, under strict orders to hopefully prevent a reoccurrence.

I do appreciate each of you (about 5) who have comments in the queue that I need to deal with. I hope you will be patient as I will get to them in due time.

A few observations from the experience:

It was a wild weekend, but certainly shows how dependent we are. You can go from walking around, seemingly as fit as a fiddle and within hours be flat on your back, totally helpless and dependent on others. And that is where we need to always be, spiritually.

We were in Ps 91 last Wednesday night at church. I haven’t put the audio up on our site yet, but the psalm ministered to me while I was lying in the hospital. It is one that starts with the psalmists testimony of trust in the Lord (note the "I" in v. 2), then goes to the psalmists ‘sermon to the reader’ (note the "you" or "thou" in vv. 3-13) and then goes to God’s promise to the man who trusts him (note the "I" in vv. 14 to end).

The promise is given by God to the believer for three reasons:

  1. Because he (the believer) has set his love on me (14)
  2. Because he (the believer) has known my name (14)
  3. Because he (the believer) has called on me (15)

Believe me, we were ‘calling’ Friday night!

I will deal with the responses to my last post soon, but I am in ‘take it easy’ mode just now.



  1. Sam Hendrickson says:

    may God bring healing…
    Sam Hendrickson

    • Thanks, Sam.

      I am going to get to those earlier comments and probably create a new post with them so that I can respond to each one in order.

      As far as health is concerned, I’m doing well, but can’t lift anything for a month! The nurse told me that 1 in 2000 have this problem so that means I’m special. I made sure my wife knew that when she came to pick me up, but so far no perks have resulted…

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  2. tjp says:


    Sorry to hear about your bout with . . . . I’m asking God’s blessings on you and yours.

    Get well, my friend.


  3. Duncan filled me in on more of the details…I had the same procedure last week but I decided to take it easy at home the rest of the day. From your experience, sounds like that was a good plan!

    • Thanks, tjp and Andy.

      Andy, just remember, no heavy lifting! For a month, the doctor said. I am thinking this could be a good month!

      Don Johnson
      Jer 33.3

  4. Marla says:

    Praying that you heal completely and soon–and that you don’t forget the “don’t lift anything for a month.”

    I love the humor –maybe your wife will see the situation as you do by the end of the month :) Appreciate your sharing how the Psalm ministered to you too.